Drink.  Mostly not on Wednesdays, except when it is.



My name is Martin and I like drinking.

Really,  I do.

I generally don’t drink so much that I fall down, fight with my shadow, and speak brail to random strangers.  It’s more of a 2 glasses of wine a night kinda thing.  I have a letter from a medical specialist stating that my drinking is “not of concern” and I am thinking about getting it framed and hung over the whisky cabinet.

This is a document of what I drank over August 2016.  Wine mainly, possibly other.  Sometime good, mostly average, occasionally terrible wine.  It is NOT an anti Dry July, and if you are doing Dry July, full power to you, I may even sponsor your effort, it’s just that momma didn’t raise no quitter.  (She did actually, I quit heaps of stuff without really trying).

On a sensible note, don’t be an egg and become an alcoholic or that guy who drinks every Friday and Saturday till they can’t remember their name, thats just stupid.  Stop take a few days out, look at your life, work out what is important, go to AA, reconnect with your dad or something, and please, please don’t drive drunk, or even slightly drunk.


Feel free to send me bottles of wine to sample/savour/devour.