Dry-Ish July

Dry July.  What a drag.  Dry-Ish July now that sounds better, and in this case it was dry-to-the-27th-of-july.

It was easy.  I just sucked.

It did give me the opportunity to try a couple of non-wine wines.  Both were from the house of Lindauer (pronounced Lundowner in Kiwi).  Both zero alcohol sparkling grape juice.

First up was the  Pink (Rose)

I had a couple of kids help me with the review on this one.  The three year old said it tasted like ‘apple juice’.   The nine year old said like ‘woody grapes’.  It was closer to the latter than the former.  Mainly it tasted of sugar.  When the juice isn’t converted to alcohol it gets sweet.

Second was the White

This was a little less sweet than the pink, but still headache inducing.  It had a better finish overall, and was more wine-y, but it would never be mistaken for wine.  Not sure who the market for these was, if it was kids, probably to close to the real thing, if it was adults, they are just too sweet.

3 out of 5 Sugarplums for Fairies.