Wines that got missed in the making of Drunk August


So, full confession here, the 36 wines over the 31 days was not actually all of it.  There were a few more where the photo opportunity was not available for whatever reason, mainly that I was out somewhere, and taking a photo would have made me look like a knob head.

  1.  Morton Estate – Grand Mercure 2009.  I took this to a work function, had to drive for 2 hours afterwards, and so had only 2 very small glasses.  Cant afford the old glug glug, vroom, vroom, weedle,  weedle, slam.  If you can get a hold of this wine – buy it.  It is seriously good value, and very drinkable.
  2. Oyster Bay – Brut NV.  Took this to a family thing and drank as fast as I could.  No one likes being sober around their family.
  3. Lindauer Special Reserve – Cuvee Riche NV.  Same as above, but provided by family.  A bit sweet for my liking but it is still some seriously good wine.
  4. Random drinks involving spirits.  Had some rum and coffee to calm down the throat, and a pureed mango slushy with mango vodka and grapefruit.  The mango one was seriously good.