Augusta, Georgia, late September.

One Mr. Brown’s hot tempered.

IMG_0242.jpgThis should have been an easy task.

31 days.  Drink a minimum of 31 bottles of wine.  Drunk August complete.

Then this one came along.  It smelled pretty nice.  Tasted a bit watery-with-ribena at first.  Tasted a bit like bad wine as second.  Didn’t finish the bottle in one go, held this one on an extra day.  Third time round was better than the first two.  What a difference 12 hours made.  It allowed the oxygen to expand the wine.  I had the last glass with a pasta lunch, and it was bigger, bolder and more rounderer.

Moral of the story, if you buy a bottle of Gravel and Loam 2014 Pinot from Marlborough, open it up and let it breathe a bit.

Drunk August, providing helpful consumer information since oh ’16.

3 out of 5 Ribenas for Berryness.


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