All right, Popeyes here! Get your hands on your heads, get off the bar and get on the wall!


I am going to be honest.  I love wine.  I love French wine.  However I know almost nothing about the country.  I have been there twice.  Once on the way to Morocco, once on the way back.

A quick rundown on my time in Paris.  Metro is unfriendly, coffee average, crepes overrated.  I had to run from some homeless people after me in Notre Dame, got into a fight with some Romani by Parliament and almost missed my flight out of the country (Charles de Gaulle is a big airport).

I speak none of the language, and so I cannot read this.  I think it means ‘good table wine from bordeaux from a collection of big vineyards’.  Feel free to correct me here

3 out of 5 Frogs* for Frenchyness.

*Frogs may be considered a racist term.  If so can I mention I like this song?  That makes it okay, right?

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