Shoot for the moon, you might get there

29August1701 (1 of 1)If the Argie cab sav was all brawn compared to the Kiwi cab sav, this ‘Murican merlot fulfils the same slot up agains the Riley.

I have no idea where Sanoma County is, but whenever I see the word County I think Dukes of Hazard, and when I think of Dukes of Hazard I think of the General Lee, and when I think of the General Lee I think of the confederate flag that was painted all over the top, and then I think of my childhood thoughts all being tarnished with some confederate racist shit.  Anyways, I am in NZ and I say tear down the monuments to the slavemen, and don’t be a racist dick.


Stink Label

Good wine

Oh, also, it has a cork, which used to be the norm, but around here, not so much.  So get a wine knife, or like push it down with a fork and sieve it.  Your call on that.

3 out of 5 Generals for a Lee



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