Day one, or one day

Day one of Drunk August. 2017

1August17 (1 of 1)The most anticipated day of the year. Better than Xmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Summer Solstice, Ground hog day and Lollapalloza combined.

Except I was sick.

Real sick.

A cold that was rapidly upgrading itself to the flu. It started in Dry-Ish July, and just wouldn’t leave. It hit the whole family in series, settling on me as the final victim.

Shit, I did feel.

However, on the first of this auspicious month a celebration was in order, and celebration calls for bubbles. Last year I had the pleasure of working alongside a particularly smelly Italian lad called Gabo. He was of the opinion that good Prosecco was as good as Champagne. This isn’t good Prosecco. This is okay Prosecco.

Signore Giuseppe Spumante Prosecco – Extra dry. Costs somewhere between $18 – $35 NZD, so like 2/3rds of that in a real world currency such as the USD or the Euro. I paid closer to the $18 so didn’t feel ripped off. It was dry. Not offensive at all. Good with flavourless food, or when you just need to drink.

Sorry Gabo, it was not even close to a low end Champagne.

3 out of 5 Super’s for Dry.

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