Will you ever know the known?

Will you ever see the seen?

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By the forth day of Drunk August I was still sick.  Work was getting in the way of recovery and my brain was moving a bit slow.  So slow that I left a bunch of engineering drawings on the top of my car and took off down the motorway.  They were inside a ring binder which was kind of wedged under the roof rack.  First I knew of this was when a car pulled up along side, sounded their horn and pointed to paper ripping out and floating down the motorway.  I promptly got off the motorway at the next exit and pulled into the nearest carpark.

Conveniently, this was outside the Fine Wine Delivery Company (no sponsorship – yet).

Inside, on a stack of boxes was a little sign that asked the question ‘is this the best value Pinot in New Zealand?’

The answer is ‘probably’.

This is a fresh, new world style pinot.  Heck of a lot of fruit, quite light, and very easy to drink.  I liked it.  I liked it a lot.  $25ish dollars I think.  I liked it even more.

3 out of 5 engineers for an incomplete structure

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