You mustn’t be afraid of the dark

I’m not, I’m afraid of people in the dark

4August171 (1 of 1)

America, land of the free – for a price, home of the brave(ish).

Is there anything more patriotic than a bald eagle saying the above, while drinking a Californian Zinfandel?  It made me proud to be an American*.

I have been late to the Zinfandel party, and I know it.

This was surprisingly light for a Zin (can I call you a Zin?).  I expected it to be much bigger.  Pretty sure it was a high alcohol red somewhere around the 14% mark.

The flu had started to abate with this one, coincidence?  I think not.

2nd bottle for Friday night, happy days.

3 out of 5 Macs for a Donald


*I am not a ‘murican I am actually a kiwi

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