Baby we can talk all night

But that ain’t gettin us nowhere.

8August1701 (1 of 1)

Full disclosure.  Drunk August will actually contain three of these.  You will only see this one.  I’ve only drunk two of them.  Actually maybe you can see them all.  In fact here they are.  That was easy.

I have had the these three parts of of a quartet hanging around for a little while.

Once upon a time these were the early to mid twenties Usain Bolts of the NZ methode world (according to me).  Now they are more like the last 100m race he ran.  So, it is still super bloody amazingly good.  Just not as good as the younger Tohu.

All the flavours are still there, just a bit duller, a bit of sparkle gone from the bubbles – literally.  Not flat, just not ‘as’ bubbly.

If you can fine it, buy it.  Compare to what I think.

3 out of 5 aint bad.



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