In his ear he wears a huia’s head, a sign of very high rank indeed.

11August1701 (1 of 1)

In NZ this is probably the most produced and drunk wine of any type.  Its vaguely made using the Champagne method, but much much faster.  3 months or so is enough to give this some bubbles, and a dry complexion.

I really like this.

It is cheap.  It is everywhere.  It is good.  But it is not great.

A bit bitter at the back.  Not a huge amount of flavour.  Can somewhat confusingly be pronounced Lin-Down-Ner.

The Rosé is better, and as I said last year, “buy better if you have the cash, buy Lindauer if you don’t.”

3 out of 5 Gottfrieds for a Goldie

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