We heard its pain.

It howled and screamed in a cacophony of car alarms, burglar alarms and fire sirens.

12August1701 (1 of 1)

So I have been off in a different city the last few days, down in Christchurch New Zealand for work.  This has made Drunk August a slightly bigger challenge, and has necessitated a slightly different approach.

Drunk August the Christchurch and Airport minisodes can be found over here.

The Montana Hakes Bay Merlot Cab Sav, is the updated wine featured here and here last year.

Still the same ol dependable red.  Drinkable.  Drunkable.  Dunkable*  Not much more to say.  Nicer label.  $10.  Get some.

3 out of 5 Quakes for a Chasm

* no idea why dunkable is there, it doesn’t actually make any sense unless you are the kind of person that dunks biscuits (cookies for the ‘Muricans) in your wine.

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