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31August1701 (1 of 1)

After yesterdays abomination, it was good to be back on the right track for the final of the month*.  This delivered in everyway it was supposed to.  Just like a good NV Champagne, but at 80% of the price.

This is the bigger brother of the Assemblé.  A bit more restrained and elegant in everyday.  It doesn’t come close to touching the quality of the Tohu, and should not under any circumstances be confused with the One Estate, cause that one was rubbish.

I don’t drink this anywhere enough, but as I write, I am enjoying the Rosé version of this. Perfect for Xmas, weekends, Wednesdays, every other Tuesday, and most Mondays, Thursday and Fridays.

On the minus side, greasy hands make the bottle look a little bit mank.

3 out of 5 Drunks for August

*Final may be extended by a day to allow for the other side of the international date line – that is my story and I am sticking with it.

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