A golden section getting rid of things you don’t need.

I’ve related this story many a time, about how I was taught to swim.  At around 4/5/6 years old, we went for a holiday over the summer months to a camping ground with the extended family. I had had a few swimming lessons in the local public pools, could dog paddle okay, and freestyle with breathing for a bit if the pool wasn’t too deep.  One day I was out on a small boat with my cousins and uncle when he said something like ‘right, get out then’.  I was a little confused because we were not that close to the shore, and infect pretty much halfway between a island and the beach.  My cousins got out, I probably snivelled a bit till he threw me in.  Long story short, my swimming ability got better real fast as I didn’t want to drown.

Also this wine was low alcohol and terrible.

3 out of 5 rambles for a point.

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