But you can still come around

In fact, I invite you down, maybe together, we can wipe that smile off your face

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Saturday came around too quickly.  A nephews third birthday which morphed into  impromptu family dinner.

It was nice.

This wine was not.

This was courtesy of the famous cellaring organisation Chateau de Ellen (AKA my mother).  She swears by this drop.  She swears quite a lot.  Those two things may be connected.  I have no idea what grapes went into this, and my guess is it changes daily/weekly/monthly.

On the plus side, it is a social drink, best served with however many people you can get together so you can drink less.

On the minus side its a bit harsh.  Just like this review.

I had only the obligatory 100ml.  I was driving.  Followed it with another 100ml of a particularly nice Esk Valley Merlot Cab Sav Malbec and a Sacred Hill Pinot.  All one hour apart.  Safer communities together.

Sorry mum, I took the bottle with me.  Followed it up with a nicer wine at home.

3* out of 5 awards for nothingness

*Technically four

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