What a difference

A little difference would make

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I think this is the first time that review titles have been related?  Also, possibly the first time that a straight edge (no drink/no drugs/no hate/vegan) band have had their lyrics (mis)appropriated for an alcohol review.

Thankyou Fugazi, not just for these lyrics, but also for providing a soundtrack to my nineties.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  Drinking.  Today started off a little shaky, but improved a bit with the kids in bed and this one out on the table to open up.

Negroamaro.  Not a grape most people including myself are familiar with.  Very dark in the glass.  A bit bitter, but not overly so.  A little bit Zin/Sangio/Montepulciano-ey.  Big.  Small.  Fat.  Skinny.  These are all describing words that could potentially go into the conclusion of this review.  Instead I will finish with ‘I liked it’.

3 out of 5 men for manliness

p.s.  the label really does say A-Man.

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